EV Sound for Indiana High School

May 14, 2008

The school’s gymnasium/field house, containing three basketball courts and a large weight room, now features an extensive zoned sound system with EVI-12 and Sx300 loudspeakers. In addition, the school’s 30+ year old, 800-seat auditorium now features an input-to-output EV sound system worthy of a world class theatre, with EV Xi loudspeakers, Tour Grade amps, DSP, microphones, and wireless systems.

“The difference everywhere is amazing, Messer adds, and it’s given a new lease of life to the auditorium and the field house. The school has been EV’d, and they love it!”
Bryan Messer, President, ClearSound Design, described how EV has made the school sound better for sports and stage productions alike: “I had worked with the school on various occasions, carrying out repairs on their previous sound equipment. They had a system installed about seven years ago, and had a lot of problems with it-poor coverage and intelligibility, for example. The time came when it was clear we would be better off working together on a permanent, complete replacement system, which is where Electro-Voice came into play. They asked us to install professional-grade equipment, and we worked with our EV reps (Starin Marketing) to do it right, selecting equipment from EV’s extensive product range to precisely address each area as required.“Auditorium

Previously, the mix for the school’s auditorium had been controlled from its projection booth, complete with guillotine-style portals of about 1’ by 1-1/2’, through which the mix engineers had been required to stick their heads in order to hear. To make things right, the ClearSound team undertook some general contracting work in addition to their sound system integration.

“We cut concrete and stain-matched the trim to open a huge window about 15 feet by 6 feet tall for the lighting and sound personnel to see through,“ explains Messer. “This was a lot more efficient than removing 60 seats to create an FOH position on the floor. Sometimes a little hands-on architectural work is necessary to optimize the room’s acoustical potential-all part of the service. We have qualified staff on our team to handle this kind of work, and it helps us be a single source-much like EV for the equipment. Now it’s a lot more user-friendly.“

Having opened up the mix position, ClearSound moved on to the output end of things: “A central cluster wasn’t appropriate,“ Messer adds, “as it obscured the stage lighting over the thrust stage. The challenge was to cover all the seats in the wide room with flown left and right clusters of two Xi-1122 speakers (per side). We drew the room in AutoCAD® and found the right angles and points, checking the horn projection, etc. There are two side wings in the rear of the room that go up past the booth; a couple of low profile Xi-1082s handle this area as an under balcony delay ring, carrying some of the high end throw to the rear of the room. A single X-Array Xb dual-18 sub per side handles the low end on either side of the stage. Overall, the pattern control of the VBS (Vertical Beam Shaping)-equipped Xi boxes (optimized with EV Dx38 processing) gives us lots of punch and power with incredible pattern control and sonic finesse.“

The system is powered by Tour Grade TG-5 (highs) and TG-7 (mids & subs), running in stereo. “This configuration gives the school the flexibility to use dramatic panning,“ says Messer, “to focus audience attention on the side stages when the action is taking place over there. This also adds a real professional touch to their productions. The school can’t believe how good the room sounds-they love it. They have the all the volume they need when they want to push it, say from 97 to 102, during the finales, but it doesn’t sound loud-that’s the difference they enjoy the most: no irritating frequencies, and no complaints, just lots of clean headroom and the capacity to sound great for anything they want to do.“

Ten channels of FMR-500 wireless microphone systems are also in use, with various combinations of handheld and headset mics, further adding to their production flexibility.

Field House

The main field house features a zone-controlled EVI-12 and Sx300 speaker installation. Eight EVI-12’s are mounted in clusters of two, lengthwise along the apex of the ceiling, throwing down over both sides of the space. The large weight room is covered by four flown Sx300PI’s. All boxes are finished in white. Two FMR wireless mics (with N/D767a heads) are also on hand in the field house. The whole system is powered by CP1800 amps.

“The school has a lot of wrestling matches and other sporting events in the field house,“ Messer continues, “and they needed flexible zoning along with maximum intelligibility throughout. Each area is addressed as a separate zone, with each zone controlled independently or together, as needed. In the main part of the room, with the three basketball courts, we replaced an inadequate, sporadically placed 14-box system with the eight EVI-12 speakers. Though compact in size, they effortlessly throw full, clear sound to the furthest corners of the space. These boxes are made specifically for these kinds of large cavernous rectangular spaces, and they work. The Sx300’s are also part of the zone controlled system-a great-sounding, tried and true EV solution, and four is all it takes to cover the whole weight area at the far end of the room. Each zone is cross referenced with the others, so one zone’s volume can’t override another. We have full control, full range intelligibility, and all with a minimal footprint.“

“The difference everywhere is amazing,“ Messer adds, “and it’s given a new lease of life to the auditorium and the field house. The school has been “EV’d“, and they love it!“


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