EV ZX5 Ups the Audio Ante in Minnesota School District

October 21, 2005

Event Pro of Hastings, MN, undertook the installation, and will continue to work with production careers instructor Tom Hoffman to ensure student operators and audiences alike get the most out of the new equipment. Event Pro’s Neal Wallace explained:

“Installing the ZX5s is the first step in an incremental upgrade process in the school theater, which will incorporate additional EV loudspeakers, including a number of the new ZX1s. This job represents the latest chapter in a strong relationship with the school. As a local technical production services company we’ve worked with the school before, bringing in additional wireless systems and PA equipment, and overseeing the house mix on numerous occasions. As a local installation contractor we can help the school get more bang for their buck, specifying the proper tools to get the ideal mix themselves, and helping to expedite the learning curve. David Schwartz (Event Pro) was a student at Rosemount who recently joined our company, which characterizes the importance of this working relationship - I know he was pleased to play a part in improving the audio here! We basically wanted to install a system that helps both student operators and student performers sound like pros. That way, the audience is happy, and the production career students aren’t frustrated by sub-par equipment. When you approach it from this perspective, low quality loudspeakers have a lot to answer for - the audience complains and the staff gets despondent. In this sense, the ZX5s speak for themselves as an investment.“

“Various EV microphones ensure high quality audio at the other end of the signal path. The system has received rave reviews from the community and the school drama department - another problem solved with EV!”

Wallace added: “After consulting with EV theatre sound production specialist Jim Pfitzinger, we agreed upon left and right clusters of one 90-degree ZX5 below one 60-degree ZX5. We mounted the ZX5 boxes on the wall with L-brackets, brought in an audio analyzer, ran pink noise, and then made necessary adjustments by ear, using a lift to bring the boxes up incrementally to address spikes and dead spots. This was a relatively simple installation made simpler by using high performance loudspeakers with precise coverage characteristics and top quality components. Good speakers are always the best place to start when working on a limited budget, and the ZX5s have opened up the doors to a new level of sonic performance in the theatre - not to mention that they look as good as they sound.“

The ZX5 is a 15-inch, 2-way cabinet with an elegant, high-impact composite enclosure, featuring the newest generation of EV components: the all-new DXV3150, 500W, 15-inch woofer and the all-new 2-inch neodymium ND2 compression driver. The ZX5 is rated for 600 watts long-term power handling and is able of producing high SPLs whilst providing a very smooth frequency response. With two available coverage patterns (60-degrees x 60-degrees or 90-degrees x 50-degrees), two adjustable monitor angles (45- or 55-degrees) and ten built-in rigging and suspension points allowing for a variety of mounting accessories, the ZX5 offers unmatched versatility in wide range of applications.


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