Ultra-Versatile Electro-Voice System Helps Define New Southampton, UK Venue

November 14, 2007

Located in an up-and-coming part of Southampton, the 90° restaurant-bar is already packing in 1300+ people on a Friday night. Spread over two floors, the venue offers restaurant dining upstairs, with a café-bar on the ground floor, which evolves into a DJ-driven club-bar in the evening. For the venue to make subtle transitions between its different identities, it relies heavily on its entertainment system, a multizone design easily controlled by staff that ranges from low-key background music all the way up to a thumping dance floor sound.

Based locally in Southampton, Prosound Systems has designed and installed the system at 90° according to a wide-ranging brief from Raftapoulos, who also operates the popular La Margharita venue on the city’s waterfront. According to Prosound’s Andy Croad, who has overseen the meticulously planned and neatly implemented bespoke installation, the system design “is all about control. Even within the zones, the volume level of each pair of loudspeakers is individually adjustable.“

“The EVIDs sound incredibly natural, and the ZX5s are very smooth and produce a lot more bass than you’d think they would.”

With folding glass doors running the length of the ground-floor bar, Prosound had to consider the acoustic impact on the dance floor element of the installation. “We chose a loudspeaker with a proper horn so that we could get the HF where we needed it. Because the nearfield is close to the audience-you’re never further than 2.5-3 meters from the nearest speaker-we would keep the ’critical excitement’ level on the dance floor, even at relatively low SPLs.“

Prosound’s choice was two pairs of Electro-Voice ZX5-60 loudspeakers, configured to run full-range. The cabinets are flown horizontally, with acoustic isolators to prevent low frequencies from running into the structure of the building. Four single 12“ sub-bass units are hidden from view under the small DJ stage, which overlooks the dance floor area.

Throughout the rest of the 90° venue, Prosound has used EV’s popular EVID 6.2 and 4.2 full-range loudspeakers in white. “I admit I’ve never been a great fan of plastic speakers but these are two models that really impress me,“ says Andy Croad. “The EVIDs sound incredibly natural, and the ZX5s are very smooth and produce a lot more bass than you’d think they would.“

The system is powered by EV’s CP Series amplifiers. “Downstairs, there are five CP1800s, two of which handle the EVIDs around the bar. We’ve allowed three amps for the dance floor. This gives us insurance in the event that an amp goes, at least one pair of the mid-top ZX5s will still be working, enabling the club to carry on.“ Upstairs, Prosound installed EV’s new PA2450L amplifiers. “These are perfect for use in a restaurant, they’re fan-cooled and represent excellent value for money.“

Prosound has wired every loudspeaker back to a central matrix, so each can easily be reconnected to a different source or rematched in a different pair. For volume control, there are two zones on the ground-floor, comprising the dance floor and the background music system. The BGM system consists of 4 pairs of EVIDs, each pair being individually adjustable; there’s the option to add in a little bit of sub-bass for warmth. The SPL is constant in all parts of the room.

A similar arrangement can be found upstairs in the restaurant, a primary zone with 4 pairs of EVID 4.2s each with individual level control, and a second zone for the toilets and ancillary areas, using Electro-Voice ceiling speakers. The restaurant system has the added benefit of a remote input for a small cabaret or DJ system to cater for special functions. In normal operating conditions, when things hot up downstairs in the club, the restaurant has the option to run the same music at a lower level on the BGM system, which creates unity between the two different venues in the building.

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