Dimension Audio Adds Electro-Voice XLC and Now XLE Arrays!

November 14, 2007

Dimension Audio is a long-established player on the UK PA rental scene that recently won a new lease of life by joining Creative Technology in Crawley, benefiting from an injection of youth and capital in equal measure.

The company is raising its profile in search of bigger events, particularly in the live music sector. “We’re developing our music division,“ says Mark Boden, “and, as a prerequisite, we have had to raise our standards. The bulk of our investment in equipment has been a new Electro-Voice XLC127 DVX line array system, which we chose specifically to target corporate and music work.“

“The system sounds very clear and precise, says Mark Boden, and, as we’d already noticed when we used it on a corporate event, it is especially good on spoken word.”

With impressive timing, Boden settled on EV’s XLC line array design at the precise moment that EV announced a major upgrade of the system, boosting the performance capability with all-new components such as the DVX 12“ low-frequency woofers. “That was a bonus,“ admits Boden. “Actually, the main reason for preferring the XLC was the size of the boxes. As a system, it fits in very nicely with our existing stock. We have smaller boxes, and we have ground-stacking cabinets-the XLC is a flown system, and therefore didn’t make any of our stuff redundant.“

Dimension Audio’s system is powered by Electro-Voice’s new Tour Grade amplifiers, running IRIS-Net management software. The new XLE cabinets will be used as side fills, in which role “they sound magnificent,“ according to Staf Rowley of Dimension.

Rowley has recently taken the Electro-Voice arrays to London’s Wembley Arena for a peace concert in aid of Darfur, given by Sami Yusuf, often described as the “Islamic Bono.’ Performing with a 20-piece orchestra and numerous support acts, the show made use of “the best audio system in London,“ according to its promoters! 15x XLC cabinets per side, plus XLE side fills, with 20 subs, powered by Tour Grade, and mixed on a Midas H3000 front-of-house console.

In complete contrast, the same system was also at London’s ExCeL Centre for the first-ever Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. In a small auditorium, the event for 3,000 guests required left/right arrays of just 5x XLC127 DVX boxes plus a sub on each side. “That configuration happily gave us the wide dispersion we needed but still with enough rock “n’ roll clout for McFly, Shane Ward and the other live bands.“

Dimension’s Head of Audio says that the versatility of the EV line array boxes is the key to their success, not to mention their sonic performance. “The system sounds very clear and precise,“ says Mark Boden, “and, as we’d already noticed when we used it on a corporate event, it is especially good on spoken word. In just a few months, we’ve ground-stacked it at a rock “n’ roll gig at a go-karting track; we flew it in front of 1600 people at a conference in London’s ExCeL center. We’ve split the system in two and used just half of the boxes at a small gig in Billingsgate market, and next we’re going to configure it in four arrays for an in-the round corporate job. I’d like to think we’ll be back at Shuttlesound next year to buy the same again!“

Dimension has already sent about 20 members of permanent and freelance staff down to Shuttlesound’s Mitcham HQ for training in the IRIS-Net management software, but Mark Boden politely declined an offer of a training session on the XLC rigging system, which is considered by all to be completely intuitive and straightforward!

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