Westover Church Wins Best Audio System Design Award at WFX!

November 21, 2007

With the first Midas XL8 digital live performance system installed in the U.S. at its epicenter, the extensive Electro-Voice, Midas, Klark Teknik and Telex audio system at Westover Church in Greensboro, NC, raises the bar for House of Worship sound-and installed sound in general-to new heights, bringing an unprecedented level of user-friendliness and flawless sound quality (all with almost limitless technological and topological flexibility) to the new 3000-seat worship center.

“The audio consultants who tuned the room absolutely fell in love with NetMax. The control and surgical application it allows for a system this large is remarkable.”
This groundbreaking installation is the result of a team effort: Westover Technical Director Danny Slaughter worked with Donnie Haulk and Tim Owens of Audio Ethics, Inc. (Charlotte, NC), Armando Fullwood of Design 2020 Church Media Consultants, and EV and Midas Sales and Tech Support on the design, development and installation of the system, which features 204 EV loudspeakers, including Xi, Xsub, QRx, SxA and EVID models. The main distributed delay and surround sound speaker systems (powered by EV Precision Series remote-control amplifiers) is controlled and supervised with IRIS-Net software and EV NetMax N8000 matrix hardware, all via the work surface on the Midas XL8. To complete the total system spec, the facility is protected by Bosch security equipment.“Every element in the new system balances superb sound quality with state-of-the-art technology,“ Slaughter commented. “With XL8, the “Midas Sound’ and familiar feel of an analog console is very much intact, but with all the advantages of MidasNet Ethernet networking, extremely high bandwidth efficiency (96 kHz sample rate), super-low latency (70µS network link latency / 2mS typical total system latency) and AES50 open architecture protocol. Networked together with the EV components, this adds up to a sound system that offers the ultimate in Cat-5 convergence and convenience: sound covers every inch of the building, and can be remote-controlled down to the minutest detail-according to exact location and application-via IRIS-Net from FOH position on the XL8. It all sounds stunning, and the possibilities are endless.““I am told that this software configuration for the NetMax system is currently the largest one in the U.S.“ Slaughter added. “The audio consultants who tuned the room absolutely fell in love with NetMax. The control and surgical application it allows for a system this large is remarkable. We’re running 70 amplifiers and dozens of speakers, from surface mounted EVID surrounds through to the Xi-series mains, fills and delays, and we know what every component is doing. We can provide precise real time adjustments at all points in the signal chain, from crossover points and EQ points to feedback control. We use NetMax/IRIS-Net to control volume levels throughout the facility, turning off or turning down amplifiers directly from the XL8 control surface via the KVM switch. Coupled with the XL8-which I could talk about for hours-the EV system here represents a new paradigm in house of worship sound.“

In addition to the main room rig, EV SxA 100+ and 250 boxes ensure the sound quality is equally high behind the scenes in the practice room and broadcast areas. SxA250s are also installed in the foyer, and are used for the portable house PA. 56 surface-mounted EVID 6.2s and 40 EVID C4.2 recessed ceiling speakers extend the surround sound effect throughout the building. EV QRx series boxes are used for monitors and delay subs. Mighty Xsubs provide low-end support for the main system.

The Westover installation truly is a “Telex Total System Solution“ from input to output: An extensive Telex intercom system keeps the complex communicating. EV wired and wireless microphones are used for all manner of applications. Additional Midas Venice and Verona consoles handle post-production, broadcast playback and portable PA duties. A Klark Teknik DN9331 Rapide graphic controller provides a quick, tactile interface for EQ functions. Quite simply, at Westover, the future of sound reinforcement has arrived.



4x Xi-1123A/106F (mains)

4x Xi-1183A/64F (mains)

4x Xsub (floor subs)

12x Xi-1082 (delays)

6x QRx118 (delay subs)

16x Xi-1082 (delays)

28x MB1082

8x Xi-1082 (front fills)

8x MB1082

40x C4.2 70-volt (ceiling speakers)

56x EVID 6.2 white (surround speakers)

8x QRx112/75 (floor monitors)

6x SxA250 (in white, foyer and practice rooms)

2x SxA250 (portable PA)

2x SxA100+ (broadcast playback)

2x NexMax N8000 System Controllers

1x NetMax Input card

7x NetMax output card

2x NetMax Cobranet card

2x NetMax DSP expansion cards

8x P900RL amplifiers

14x P1200RL amplifiers

16x P3000RL amplifiers

4x P900RT amplifiers

28x 7100 amplifiers (surround system)

1x UCC-1 Can Interface

12x RE97S beige low profile headworn mic

1x RE27N/D kick drum mic


1x XL8 Live Performance System

1x Portable Snake System

6x DL451 24ch portable I/O racks

1x DL451 24ch I/O rack (atrium audio)

1x Verona 480i (post production audio)

1x Venice 320 (portable rack)

1x Venice 240 (broadcast playback)

Klark Teknik

1x DN9331 Rapide

4x DN100 (keyboard inputs / backline)


1x BTR-800 2ch UHF wireless intercom base station

4x TR-800 2ch UHF wireless intercom beltpack

6x BP-1002 single channel intercom beltpack

6x TW-5W 1ch intercom splitter box

12x PS-2001L intercom power supply

3x IC-6SX 6 channel / 12 station intercom matrix (slider control)

2x US2002 two channel user station

10x PSL local power supplies

2x RMK-S Rack kit for 2ch user stations

7x SS102 single channel wall mounted speaker station

7x U-Box wall back box for flush mounting speaker stations

3x PH-88 single sided lightweight intercom headset

11x HR-1 single muff intercom headset

1x CIA-1000 intercom call station

Audio Ethics

Design 2020 Church Media ConsultantsWestover ChurchSolomon AwardsIRIS-Net


Guy Low

Sr. Copywriter | MarCom

Bosch Communications Systems

Telex Communications, Inc.

12000 Portland Ave. South

Burnsville, MN 55337

Phone: 952-736-3935

Fax: 952-736-4582


James Edlund

Public Relations Manager

Bosch Communications Systems

Telex Communications, Inc.

12000 Portland Ave. South

Burnsville, MN 55337

Phone: 952-736-3901

Fax: 952-736-4582


Equipment List

EVID 6.2
Dual 6" 2‑Way Surface‑Mount Loudspeaker

4" 2‑Way Coaxial Ceiling Loudspeaker

NetMax 300 MIPS Digital Matrix Controller

QRx 112/75
12" Passive Loudspeaker

QRx 118S
Compact 18" Subwoofer

Broadcast Announcer Microphone w/ Variable‑D & N/DYM Cap

8" 2‑Way Full‑Range Loudspeaker

Dual‑18“ Subwoofer Element

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