Audio Ethics have Success with EV XLC™ Compact Line Arrays in Houses of Worship

March 29, 2005

A recent installation at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Simpsonville, SC, using EV XLC compact line arrays and P-RL remote-controlled amplifiers, typifies their comprehensive approach to systems integration and training. Donnie Haulk, President of Audio Ethics explained:

“The remote control amps are great. The RLs allow us to set everything up securely for the church, and monitor the system from FOH, all from a single laptop.”

“We offer technical and instructional support throughout and beyond the specification and installation process, to ensure everyone - from professional operators to amateurs - gets the most out of the equipment we specify. The volunteer staff at this church are now using a quarter million dollar rig with complete confidence. That level of service is part of the Church’s investment in us, and it is just as important as the actual product. The rig at Bethlehem Baptist is comprised of 2 arrays of 9 XLC boxes. The system is set up for 5.1 surround, with EV QRx boxes as the surround elements.“

Haulk continued: “This facility seats around 2000. Prior to specifying XLC, we took our clients at Bethlehem Baptist to some other large churches in the area into which we’d installed XLC rigs. Another factor in EV’s favor was that (top Gospel artist) Fred Hammond and Gospel for Christ tours with XLC - the clients at Bethlehem Baptist are all big fans, and had heard the XLC in action. Between these two factors, the decision makers at Bethlehem Baptist heard for themselves and agreed that the XLC is great for spoken word intelligibility, just as it is a very musical sounding loudspeaker with great coverage and clarity.“

“The space with the XLC rig is the center of a three-phase expansion project at the church. This is not their main sanctuary - it’s the family life building, which converts into a sanctuary from three basketball courts. This kind of multipurpose space is very common, as churches like this expand and incorporate more activities for their growing congregations. The space is used for concerts, services, drama, and sports, and now they have a sound system that is just as flexible. For dramas we can incorporate the whole 5.1 aspect; for basketball we turn off the line array and use the QRx boxes; for Chruch services we only run the XLC arrays.“

“One of the training services we provide as company policy is to provide an engineer to mix the first service. This also helps the operators better understand the nuances of tuning a system for specific applications in a reverberant space like this. The room had actually been designed as a gym - complete with 32-feet high ceilings - rather than as a worship space, so we were working with about 2 and a half seconds of reverberation in the low mids. We used a combination of EV’s LAPS software and AutoCAD® aiming software to determine coverage patterns - we didn’t feel an EASE model was necessary, as the room is a large box. The back wall of the room is treated with absorptive panels; there are absorptive clouds over the stage platform, and reflective panels below it. We’re also going to add isolation barriers around the musicians. We were able to demonstrate the difference in tuning the system for sports and for when the space is packed full of people, which, of course, absorbs a great deal of sound. This kind of instruction really helps the Church volunteers and technicians get the most out of their investment.“

Haulk added: “The remote control amps are great. The RLs allow us to set everything up securely for the church, and monitor the system from FOH, all from a single laptop. We custom-create a front page for the Church, and that’s all they need. The rest we take care of and lock in. The mute/unmute and volume levels can all be changed on their front page. It’s both user-friendly and tamper-proof. And we’re only a call away, if anything does need attention.“

“Since the system was installed at Christmastime, they’ve had Gospel stars of the stature of Donnie McClurkin perform. Fred Hammond is scheduled to appear later on this year. Bethlehem Baptist has made Simpsonville a stop on the Gospel tour circuit, and the XLC and RL rig can accommodate the needs of anyone who performs there. Perhaps the most important factor with the XLC is the power it has in the low mids for vocals, which is essential in this environment, where spoken word and vocal music are its main application.“


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