Zakk Wylde: Guitar Hero Swears by EV- Introduces EVM-12L BLACK LABEL

June 1, 2006

Zakk Wylde Interview, March 20th, The Quest, Minneapolis Please visit to view more on Zakk Wylde and the world’s greatest *&*&$* guitar loudspeaker!
“Rather than go back to the Celestions, we swapped them with the EVM-12L’s and wow - I never went back to anything else. That was the beginning of the relationship between Black Label and EV.”

James Edlund (Artist Relations/Public Relations Manager, EV): “Tell me about Zakk’s live rig.“

Tim Bolin (BLS Tour Manager): “We normally have 8 live Marshall cabinets, all loaded with EVM-12L loudspeakers. That’s 6400 (expletive deleted) watts, man. You know, it’s his thing, always has been. Thank God we’re finally at this point, finally getting it done. An EVM-12L loaded cabinet weighs two and half times that of a normal Marshall cabinet. Dave, our soundman, (expletive deleted) threw his back out one year: they had to bring a stretcher out.

Zakk’s a Marshall guy. So he doesn’t waiver at all. He’s loyal like an old dog. Zakk knows what he wants and what he doesn’t want. And what he does want is the EV EVM-12L.“

James Edlund: “When did you start using the EVM12L loudspeaker? What do you think is unique about it?“

Zakk Wylde: “Let me get my cocktail. Welcome to the wild, wild, wild world of sports. The thing is, how I got turned on to EV... Guys, listen, this is a great story, how I (expletive deleted) got turned on to EV. I was overseas in Europe hanging out and my Celestions got blown out and I needed replacements. Rather than go back to the Celestions, we swapped them with the EVM-12L’s and wow - I never went back to anything else. That was the beginning of the relationship between Black Label and EV.

Seriously, when the EV speakers went into my cabinet it was kind of by accident. My guys were like, hey, we got these EVM-12L’s and we stuck them in there... They make the Marshalls sound better... They don’t break up as much, you know what I mean, there’s more headroom. And with the 100-watt head and everything like that, it’s a great combination. It’s like beer and pretzels, peanut butter and jelly, I mean, the perfect combination of the Gibson Les Paul and a Marshall, the Marshall and the EVs, me and my EV... It’s the perfect combination for me, you know what I’m saying. I don’t use any channel switching or any of that. I use the volume knob. If you’re gonna play ZZ Top’s “Tush’ or “La Grange’, du du du, all you have to do is turn the volume down - just turn the (expletive deleted) guitar down, you know what I’m saying? With the EVM-12L speakers, like with Ozzy I’m doing “Mama I’m Coming Home’ or anything like that I just turn the volume down and just play the (expletive deleted) song. And when I want to get heavy I just turn the volume up and step on the distortion pedal. There you go. There are only two sounds: clean and dirty. And it’s like music: there’s sh*t and there’s good. That’s what it’s all about. Next question.“

James Edlund: “Black and white.“

Zakk Wylde: “You’re right. That’s why our colors are black and white. There are no gray issues, brother. You’re either an a*#hole or one of the guys, flat out. That’s why I love EV, kids. Stay true to EV.“

James Edlund: “EVM-12Ls are hand-built at our loudspeaker factory in Morrilton, Arkansas by a bunch of hard-working good men and women. Do you have a shout-out for the guys at the plant?“

Zakk Wylde: “To the Morrilton Arkansas chapter of Black Label, “cause that’s what it (expletive deleted) is, stay strong, keep whooping a*# and my advice to you, now that you’re part of the Black Label family, just for the love of God guys, keep working hard and start drinking heavily, please, just do it, do it, and get it done. Love you...“

Zakk Wylde: “Any (expletive deleted) can have his photo taken with a loudspeaker - “hey, I’m Zakk Wylde’... We’re not talking about (expletive deleted) Justin Timberlake here. This is a rock band. The EVM-12L is a no-brainer... Us working together... It’s like Marshall and Gibson. I am not an endorsement whore. The stuff I use is the stuff I stand by. The words God, family, loyalty, integrity, and honor. I know it doesn’t carry much weight these days, but in Black Label it (expletive deleted) does. That’s why I use EV. You find something, you stick with it, and that’s that, you know what I’m saying. You get married once: You pick one and you stick with it!“

Equipment List

EVM12L BlackLabel
Zakk Wylde Signature Guitar Speaker

Premium High SPL Dynamic Vocal Microphone

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