Trans-Siberian Orchestra® Hits 10 with EV

December 28, 2006

Blending a contemporary Christmas narrative with metal-tinged takes on festive classics such as “The Carol of the Bells,“ these parallel outings pack stadiums night after night, generating record-breaking popularity with Broadway caliber casts of over twenty members, jaw-dropping musicianship, mind-boggling lightshows, white-hot pyrotechnics and stellar sound quality. Starting in early November and running through the end of December, the tour has grown into a word of mouth phenomenon that becomes more elaborate and thrilling every season. Simply put, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra has to be seen-and heard-to be believed.

Since visionary composer Paul O’Neill formed the TSO back in 1996, db Sound has brought their sound to legions of fans with EV’s X-Array loudspeaker systems, providing a balance of rugged reliability and warm, musical reproduction that have made the db crew and their EV systems a fixture on the tours. Todd Johnson of db Sound explained why X-Array keeps working for the TSO:

“The TSO gets bigger every year, and EV sound has certainly helped make that happen.”

“The tour is now no different to a world-class rock tour-in fact they do far more dates than most big tours, travel with a fleet of semi trucks, and sold out Madison Square Garden. The TSO gets bigger every year, and EV sound has certainly helped make that happen. For both tours, we use X-Array boxes in conjunction with X-Line Xsubs, all powered by P3000 amplifiers.

“The show is big in every way and, with a rotating cast of multiple singers and instrumental soloists, has a broad dynamic range-from 80 dB to 105 dB, all across a wide range of musical styles. X-Array has been with the TSO since it was playing in small theatres, and it sounds just as good in the arenas. We simply added more boxes as the show grew, allowing us consistent sound quality from year to year without compromise. X-Array is also versatile in that it can be literally wrapped around a corner if necessary, which also helps when playing to 240-degree seating; no matter what size and shape the venue, every seat gets the full sonic experience.“

TSO EV / Midas / Klark Teknik Equipment List (per tour):

EV X-Array FOH Loudspeaker Cabinets:

18x Xf

18x Xb

12x Xn

8x Xcn

8x Xcb

16x Xsub (X-Line)

40x EV P3000 power amplifiers

Front Fill Loudspeakers

8x EV DML 1152

Monitors (selected):

4x EV Xn

4x EV P3000

House Consoles:

1x Midas Heritage 3000/48 console

2x Midas Heritage 3000 power supply

1x Midas Venice 320 console

Control Units:

1x Klark Teknik DN360 EQ

1x EV X-Array control rack

1x Klark Teknik DN6000 RTA


East Coast: FOH / Recording Engineer: Dave Whitman (TSO); Crew Chief / Monitors: Tony Luna (db Sound); FOH Systems Tech: Brian Duffy (db Sound); Systems Tech’s: Carlos Salabarry, Craig Comte (db Sound).

West Coast: FOH / Recording Engineer: Kurdt Vanderhoof (TSO); Monitors: Stewart Wilson (db Sound); FOH Systems Tech/Crew Chief: Tom Carlson (db Sound); Systems Tommy Gragg, Rick Roman


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