EV IRIS-Net™ Comprehensive Software Platform and Netmax Networked Matrix System a Hit at Nsca 2006

March 20, 2006

They’ve hosted a series of presentations to introduce consultants and contractors to the groundbreaking new technology. EV Senior Technical Applications Specialist Ethan Wetzell lead the sessions, which were enthusiastically received across the board: In terms of networked audio, the prevailing thought was “the possibilities are endless.“

The EV booth was also abuzz with interest, leaving little doubt that NetMax/IRIS-Net was one of the biggest stars of the show. Masses of March industry press coverage and an enormous banner on the Las Vegas Convention Center all suggested the same: NetMax/IRIS-Net is here!

“IRIS-Net is an open, expandable shell which will be incorporated into many Telex Communications professional audio products”

IRIS-Net: A Real Audio Control PlatformIRIS-Net (which stands for Intelligent Remote Integrated Supervision Network™) is EV’s comprehensive control network for professional audio systems that offers audio professionals a highly sophisticated level of design, operation, and control of audio devices. EV Introduced a complete line of amplifiers controlled under the IRIS version 1 protocol in 2002. Now EV has introduced the NetMax N8000 controller in conjunction with the next generation IRIS-Net to offer an unprecedented level of user and designer control in audio systems.

IRIS-Net is an open, expandable shell which will be incorporated into many Telex Communications professional audio products including a wide range of Electro-Voice components, Midas mixing consoles, Telex and EV wireless microphones and Klark Teknik audio processing products, along with other 3rd party hardware components. Complete Control Under One Software Interface IRIS-Net provides the system designer with a comprehensive and easy-to-use expandable interface to control and monitor any aspect of the audio chain. IRIS provides a broad array of DSP tools and supervision technology that enables the designer to control nearly any aspect of the audio signal, filters, delays, and EQ parameters, along with many other functions that are easily available and can be quickly configured. In addition, assigning macros, setting schedules, running system checks or setting up channel equalization can all be controlled from this one interface. The NetMax N8000 - Power and Flexibility In One Chassis EV is following the successful introduction of the RL amplifier series, which were the first IRIS-Net compatible products, with the NetMax™ N8000 matrix audio unit. The NetMax™ N8000 is a unique modular digital audio system controller that can be fully customized to the application. The N8000 provides full integration, exceptional flexibility and outstanding audio performance. The EV NetMax N8000 is designed with a wide array of state of the art features to enable the user to create superior system designs:· Incorporates a compact 2RU configuration.

· Complete system supervision and monitoring are core functions

· Can be configured IN THE FIELD to one of 6 matrix layouts

· Multiple units can be networked together in comprehensive systems

· Up to a full 32 channels of digital audio are available per chassis

· CobraNet™ functionality can be added to any configuration

· Superior Audio Performance With Over 115db of Dynamic Range

· An easy to use secure built-in-browser interface is included

· Optional extended processing power up to 1000 MIPS per unit is possible Distributed vs. Central Processing - N8000 and IRIS-Net provide both In the past, audio professionals have had to make the choice as to where their processing power resides. The New NetMax N8000 working under IRIS-Net provides the ability to choose BOTH! IRIS-Net enables processing of all or part of the audio signal in a central component like the NetMax N8000 or facilitates processing and supervision remotely at the amplifier when used with the RL series of amplifiers. This gives the system designer incredible flexibility when designing the system. Full System Monitoring and Diagnostic Tools - Even For Speaker Systems A wide range of faults in the complete NetMax system or any other IRIS-Net compatible component are detected automatically and can be displayed on the PC screen or transmitted of external sites if necessary. When used with RL series amplifiers, IRIS-Net incorporates advanced remote speaker diagnostic tools to detect a wide range of problems in speaker lines and even speaker systems themselves. These tests can be run directly from the IRIS-Net application and specific problems can be pinpointed easily.

Electro-Voice is a professional audio brand of Telex Communications, Inc., a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of sophisticated audio, wireless, multimedia, aircraft, broadcast and communications equipment for commercial, professional and industrial customers. Telex Communications markets its products in more than 80 countries under the brands EV, Telex, RTS, Dynacord, Midas, Klark Teknik, University and others.

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