Go Fish

December 15, 2004

Twin Cities-based Contemporary Christian pop artists Go Fish are spreading the good Word and good times with EV mics. The popular vocal trio, comprised of founder Jamie Statema (lead vocals), Jason Folkmann (high tenor) and Andy Selness (bass), are busy promoting their fourth album, “Splash“, released on the band’s own Go Fish Kids Records. Go Fish have returned to their a capella roots with their latest offering, which blends intricately layered vocal harmonies with percussion to create an upbeat, inspirational sound that has proved especially popular with kids. Jamie Statema commented: “We’re excited to be working with EV, and are really pleased with the equipment we’ve been using. We can’t take any risks with mics - we’re a vocal group and we need reliable, quality gear to keep our performances and sound consistent. Working with EV guarantees this level of satisfaction.“

Sound Engineer Troy Hillstrom has worked with Go Fish for 8 years now, and has, understandably, become quite the connoisseur of vocal mics and wireless systems over that period. Troy is especially impressed with the combination of the EV RE1 wireless and RE510 condenser handheld mics the band currently use. He reported:

“EV and Telex are pros in this field - you don’t hear the compression you get with many competitor’s wireless systems, or the noise floor hash’ that has been a problem with other systems in the past.”

“We recently performed an in-store concert at a large electronics retailer. They were wary of us bringing our wireless mics in, due to the high level of RF activity on the premises. Obviously an electronics superstore is not the best place to go wireless, but I knew that it would be easy to use Clearscan™ and make sure the frequencies were open. There weren’t any RF issues - everything sounded crisp and clear. The RE510 condenser is a great capsule, and is really working well in this a cappella application. I also like the option of using alternate capsules on the handset - we’d be interested in trying out N/D767a dynamic head, for example.“

Hillstrom continued: “There are a ton of features that make this the most user-friendly wireless mic system I’ve used with Go Fish so far: The idiot-proof features like “either end’ battery insertion and power locking are great. The low-end roll-off filter inside the capsule is useful - I use that for two of the guys, keeping the lows for the bass vocals. Similarly, the RE1 is a reliable workhorse - I haven’t had it fail RF-wise in the 3 months I’ve been using it. I use antenna combiners with the 2 RE1 dual rackmounts, which helps keep things streamlined. The gain boost on the RE510s is another nice feature that helps me address potential RF issues. The guys in the band also like the feel and balance of the handhelds. Ultimately, Go Fish is all about vocals - from hip hop percussive effects, to harmonic choruses, to the farmyard sounds that Jason Folkmann uses to lighten the mood. If the vocals aren’t solid across every bandwidth it can be a long, long hour! We’ve used a lot of makes and models of wireless microphones over the 8 years I’ve been with the band, and I like the way the RE510 sounds - not just the capsule, but in combination with the RF end of things. EV and Telex are pros in this field - you don’t hear the compression you get with many competitor’s wireless systems, or the noise floor “hash’ that has been a problem with other systems in the past. Quite simply, this a wireless system that works well without the complications I’ve experienced with other systems in the past.“

Equipment List

Premium Dynamic Vocal Microphone

RE-1 Receiver
CSR-1000 RE-1 Series Single Wireless Receiver

Premium Condenser Supercardioid Vocal Microphone w/HPF

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