Dick Dale: Guitar Legend Tours with EV (Electro-Voice) RE-1 Guitar Wireless and EV Wired Mics

July 6, 2005

In an extensive interview with Dick Dale at his hotel room prior to the May 9th show at the Cabooze in Minneapolis, MN, Dick spoke extensively with EV PR representatives about his music and life philosophies, as well as his thoughts on gear. We thank him immensely for the hours he spent with us. All in attendance were impressed with Dick’s intelligence, honesty, and good sense of humor. What follows is merely an excerpt from some fascinating conversation!

“From the strings, to the guitars, to the amps, and loudspeakers, and the wireless, it’s got to be just right. The EV RE-1 hits it!”

Dick Dale: “The EV RE-1 wireless gives me and my guitar prodigy son, Jimmy Dale, the chance to do some fun stage work. For example, I’ll be playing one of the big hits and then take my hands away from the guitar and there’s still music coming out of it! The crowd doesn’t know what’s going on until my 14-year old son comes out from behind the curtain playing exactly the same licks with the same sound and the same gear as me. Yeah, it gives us the chance to do some cool stage tricks. Plus, the wireless just sounds great. I’ve had no problems - no drop-outs, interference, noise. Plus, it doesn’t compress my sound. It’s difficult to tell any difference between the wireless and a good cable, and I’m very particular about what I use. From the strings, to the guitars, to the amps, and loudspeakers, and the wireless, it’s got to be just right. The EV RE-1 hits it!“

In addition to the EV RE-1 wireless, Dick Dale also uses the EV N/D967 on stage as his main vocal mic, and has been using the EV RE20 on his guitar cabinet and at home, in the studio.

About the EV RE-1 Wireless

The Electro-Voice RE-1 Wireless Microphone/Guitar System is currently on the road with Dick Dale, Megadeth, Static-X, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Pete Anderson, Parliament, and GWAR, to name a few. It’s been applauded by numerous bands, performers, and sound engineers as a complete wireless solution - a piece of equipment that combines outstanding sound, simple set-up, and roadworthy construction. Simply, this is not your entry-level or garage-band, cutesy plug-in kind of wireless. We’re talking a cast magnesium bodypack transmitter, interchangeable condenser and dynamic microphone heads, straight and 45-degree guitar adapter options, George L’s® premium guitar cable, “Smart Battery“ technology, DSP diversity, and real time battery status monitoring at the receiver. Sound too complex? Forget about it. With the single push of a button, the RE-1’s Advanced ClearScan™ finds the clearest channels in the clearest coordinated channel groups in just seconds. Set-up is a breeze.

Electro-Voice is a professional audio brand of Telex Communications, Inc., a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of sophisticated audio, wireless, multimedia, aircraft, broadcast and communications equipment for commercial, professional and industrial customers. Telex Communications markets its products in more than 80 countries under the brands EV, Telex, RTS, Dynacord, Midas, Klark Teknik, University and others.

For more information, call 1-800-392-3497, or visit www.electrovoice.com.

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Equipment List

Dynamic Supercardioid Instrument Microphone

Dynamic Cardioid Instrument & Amplifier Microphone

Dynamic Cardioid Kick Drum Microphone

Premium High SPL Dynamic Vocal Microphone

RE-1 Bodypack
CSB-1000 RE-1 Bodypack Transmitter

RE-1 Handheld
CSH-1000 RE-1 Handheld Transmitter

RE-1 Receiver
CSR-1000 RE-1 Series Single Wireless Receiver

RE-1 Receiver Dual
CDR-1000 Dual RE-1 Receiver

Broadcast Announcer Microphone w/ Variable-D

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