Dublin church equipped with Electro-Voice sound system

May 10, 2013

  • The church of St. John the Evangelist in Dublin was recently equipped with a sound system from Electro-Voice
  • The installation includes EVH and ZX1i loudspeakers, Q1212 power amplifiers and a DC-One sound system processor
  • Sound Engineering by Design of Dublin was responsible for the installation

The church of St. John the Evangelist lies on the southern outskirts of Dublin. Since 1974, the mass has been celebrated there daily along with regular performances by gospel and children’s choirs. To improve markedly the level of intelligibility and the acoustic coverage, a new sound system was recently installed in the church. The greatest challenge for the system designers was posed by the room acoustics, as the reverberation time in the church of St. John the Evangelist had been measured at a full 2.9 seconds. A further stipulation of the commission was that the loudspeakers should blend unobtrusively into the background and complement the architecture of the building. Sound Engineering by Design (SED) of Dublin was the company entrusted with the task of confronting these challenges.

“Despite the problematic acoustics, we have succeeded in achieving a high level of intelligibility.”

To provide powerful and even coverage of the 15 x 20-meter congregation area, SED opted for a horizontal cluster of three loudspeakers flown centrally above the altar – a choice based on simulations of different locations and dispersion angles. The ideal tools for the task proved to be EVH loudspeakers from the EV Innovation series from Electro-Voice. These horn-loaded, two-way, coaxial speaker systems are available with six different dispersion patterns and especially suitable for highly reverberant rooms. “The EVH horns we installed are operated in full-range mode and have a tight 40 x 30 degree radiation pattern,” says SED’s James Walsh. “The directionality of EVH horns is impressively precise – especially so at frequencies well below 1 kHz – and the performance of the system corresponds exactly to the requirements of the building. In fact, despite the problematic acoustics, we have succeeded in achieving a high level of intelligibility.”

A further advantage of the tightly controlled dispersion of the loudspeakers is that it reduces the risk of feedback from the microphones. The installation here is rounded off by an Electro-Voice ZX1i loudspeaker alongside the altar, which provides sidefill for the choir. The system is driven by two Q1212 power amplifiers from Electro-Voice and controlled by an Electro-Voice DC-One system processor. “In view of the length of the reverberation time, we decided to introduce additional equalization to optimize intelligibility,” adds Walsh.

“The response from the parish team and members of the congregation has been uniformly enthusiastic. In the past, everybody agreed that the church had one of the worst sound systems in the entire diocese. Now it has one of the best."

snapshot, lf/gm, May 2013

Equipment List

2-In/6-Out Sound System Processor

2-way coaxial horn-loaded full-range loudspeaker

1800 W/CH Class-H power amplifier

8" 2-Way Passive Full-Range Indoor/Outdoor Loudspeaker

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