Joss Stone: Soul Styling at Versace Mansion with EV, Midas & Dynacord.

November 28, 2005

“DBS ended up providing equipment for the whole show as a result of the Midas Heritage console’s rider-friendly reputation,“ DBS owner Harold Cummings reported. “We were contacted by Bill Keister of Illinois Concert Sound, who supplies production hardware for all of Joss Stone’s eastern seaboard shows, under contract by Booking Entertainment of New York City. They needed a Heritage 3000 for Davie Kirkwood, Joss’s FOH engineer. Davie has worked with the Stones and with Stevie Wonder; he can choose whatever console he wants, and for him Midas preamps and EQs are a must-have. As it turned out, their Miami vendor’s H3K consoles were tied up on gigs, and we got the call.

“Originally, DBS was only hired to provide the Heritage console, which was fine,“ Cummings continued. “However, due to logistical complications, within a week of the concert we ended up being contracted for lighting, staging and sound - the whole package. The only gear that wasn’t ours was the backline, mics and monitor console. I also spec’d the venue - the garden at the Casa. The stage was originally going to be 32’x24’, extending onto a plexiglass surface over the main pool in the garden. For safety reasons, this ended up getting shrunk to 21’x16’, and there was some anxiety that there wouldn’t be enough footprint space for proper mains and monitors.

“They couldn’t believe how much clear sound, SPL and coverage was coming from such a compact setup.”

“This wasn’t a problem,“ Cummings continued. “We used the opportunity to introduce the organizers to the Dynacord Cobra system, which never fails to impress us with its power for the pound ratio, and its plug n’ play ease of use. Unlike Midas, Dynacord is still a relatively new brand here in the US, and they were hesitant at first. However, when we fired the Cobra up, all reservations were laid to rest. Everyone was blown away. Seriously, every new show I do with the Cobra is like doing a demo that you know is going to sell the customer tenfold. They couldn’t believe how much clear sound, SPL and coverage was coming from such a compact setup. We got the all-clear on the Cobra, added our trusty EV QRx monitors and fills to the list, and the whole show sounded fantastic - for the artists, crew and 800 guests.“

Cummings added: “Our QRx boxes also raised a few eyebrows. Brian Hendry, Joss Stone’s monitor engineer loved them. It’s standard practice to run biamped boxes at this level of performance, and Brian couldn’t believe it when I told him my QRxs were running full-range. He was amazed at how flat they sounded. I was simply happy to be cutting back on amp weight without compromising on sound quality! Joss herself commented on how intelligible things were on stage - she could hear the whole show clear as a bell from the QRx sidefills alone. It may have been short notice, but once again our Dynacord, EV and Midas combo delivered the goods with minimum hassle.

“As a result of this show, DBS is now the exclusive sound contractor for all of Illinois Concert Sound’s Florida productions. Obviously, a serious sound company needs to have a big Midas console on board. In terms of line arrays, it’s hard to beat the Cobra for flexibility. Nothing I’ve seen is so adaptable across such a wide range of venue sizes and scenarios. And nothing is so quick to set up and tear down. With both these products in our arsenal, we’re set to continue delivering an ideal combination of rider-friendliness and expectation-exceeding performance.“


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