EV’, Midas’ & Telex’: Coverage, Clarity & Control for the Contemporary House of Worship

May 13, 2005

The Winter Springs, FL, office of Encore Broadcast Sales specified the A/V systems for Bethany’s 1500-seat sanctuary, ranging from studio-quality cameras, recording, lighting and video monitoring equipment to pro audio and intercom equipment from EV, Midas and Telex. Encore’s Jeff Cameron described the specification process and installation, which was carried out by Ricky Johnson of Motion Promotions, Orlando, FL:

“No stone was left unturned in terms of keeping the Church board and staff informed before, during and after the installation - I think that approach is as essential as the equipment itself.”

Application-specific solutions

“The whole audio installation only took three days. We specified a wide range of solutions from Telex pro audio brands, from Telex DVD/CD duplication (7-824P 1x7) to Telex 2-channel wired intercom (MS-2002 base station, BP-2002 belt packs, PH-1 & PH-2 headsets) for the camera operators, to EV Xi loudspeakers, EV P-RL remote control amps and a Midas Verona mixing console. We selected application-specific products to build them a made-to measure sound system that would both integrate seamlessly with their projection equipment and dramatically improve the sound quality of their services and live performances. Now it’s completely unnecessary for an outside act to bring in a P.A. - this is a concert-quality system in every detail.“

Along with the 8-buss Verona 480 at FOH, the audio system at Bethany features a main flown cluster of three EV Xi-2153A/64W 3-way 2x15“ full range boxes in white and two ground-stacked EV Xi-2181A 2x18“ subwoofers in white, powered by two P1200RL and two P3000RL remote control power amplifiers. The amps are controlled via an EV UCC-1 (USB to CAN bus interface) controller that is hooked up via CAT-5 cable to two computers running in the sound booth, one of which also controls the projectors. Monitors are EV FRi28LPM low-profile boxes, also in white. The main Xi boxes’ VBS feature gives them excellent vertical directivity all the way down to 150Hz - the ideal balance of high output and control.

High expectations require high-end solutions

Cameron continued: “This is a sophisticated multi-media installation that characterizes continued growth in the high-end House of Worship installation market. Contemporary Churches of all sizes - not just the “Mega Churches“ - require high-performance solutions to meet the both the heightened expectations of their congregation and their multimedia/production agendas. Church decision-makers are consequently more informed and more discerning than ever when it comes to updating their systems.“

“Pastor Richard Adams is the new Pastor at Bethany. He attended a Church A/V seminar we hosted last year in central Florida, and contacted me when it was time for them to replace their A/V system. Their primary concern was improving the performance of their audio. Along with our Telex Pro Audio Group rep, Dan Shawgo of Sales Force, I visited the Church for a sight survey. This reflected our serious commitment to providing them with a serious system, and working this closely with both the manufacturers and the Church staff allowed us to make sure every detail was addressed prior to installation. Having inspected and measured the building thoroughly, we sent our data off to Ethan Wetzell (Telex Tech Support), who quickly turned around an EASE model and spec recommendation for their sanctuary. The sanctuary has a balcony and two concave spaces in the ceiling from which chandeliers hang down. These roof spaces caused dead spots with the old system, as they absorbed high frequencies from the old, incorrectly-mounted speakers, which in turn meant their old console struggled to EQ intelligible sound for the stage and for much of the seating area by blasting the highs, which - to add to the problem - were aimed directly at the balcony area. EV and EASE to the rescue! This issue was resolved for all to hear after the new rig was aimed and tuned, giving the Church the affirmation that the new system was going to be a success. The coverage and intelligibility in there is amazingly different now.“

Ricky Johnson added: “It was a case of take down the old and hang the new - our points were specified and the coverage was predicted. Simple. Working with the IRIS software for the remote amps was equally straightforward. Working with Ethan at EV, we got the specs for the amps and entered the crossovers accordingly. We did some fine tweaking, walked around the room, and were amazed by the coverage and clarity - intelligibility across every bandwidth with minimal time and effort. Similarly, the Verona is running very flat in the room - a real contrast to before. There’s a sonic unity between the equipment and the sanctuary that means they no longer have to fight the room with the rig to get acceptable sound.“

Customer support before, during and after the installation

Jeff Cameron considers training and education essential elements of system integration: “From day one we carefully explained to the Church board and staff the benefit of upgrading their systems, and followed that through to hands-on training when the equipment was installed. Aside from one full-time A/V employee, the audio is run by volunteers. We started by communicating the importance of using a higher-quality mixing console - the effect Midas’ renowned warm preamps, responsive EQs and user-friendly operation would have on the entire signal chain. We explained why there were dead spots in the room with the old speakers. We also discussed issues like getting the most from their floor monitors when used in conjunction with in-ears. It’s been four months since the system was installed, and we haven’t had to address any audio issues since. No stone was left unturned in terms of keeping the Church board and staff informed before, during and after the installation - I think that approach is as essential as the equipment itself.“


Electro-Voice (EV), is a professional audio brand of Telex Communications, Inc., a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of sophisticated audio, wireless, multimedia, aircraft, broadcast and communications equipment for commercial, professional and industrial customers. Telex Communications markets its products in more than 80 countries under the brands EV, Telex, RTS, Dynacord, Midas, Klark Teknik and others.

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