Shuttlesound rolls out ‘Super Centres’ for Tour X in the UK

March 12, 2010

London’s Wembley PA Centre has been named as the first of nine Electro-Voice Tour X Super Centres to be opened in the UK by Shuttlesound. Bosch’s Communications Systems Division Vice-President of Sales in Europe Mr Robert Hesse was the first to congratulate MD Anil Patel.

Wembley PA Centre has become a popular destination for musicians and gigging bands, a one-stop shop for live sound equipment. The Centre’s dedicated demo room not only carries the largest stock of Electro-Voice loudspeakers anywhere in the UK, it is also the only place to demo EV’s formidable Phoenix range – the high-end of portable sound. “This is the premier showcase for Electro-Voice products in the country,” says Dave Finlay of Shuttlesound, “so it’s not really surprising that, with this extraordinary level of commitment to promotion and display, the Wembley PA Centre is one of our top EV sales stores.”

“This kind of single source solution is perfect for the healthcare field”

The team at the PA Centre has also proved instrumental in developing sales for EV’s microphone range, and have helped set up endorsements with professional musicians such as Johannes James. “Time and again,” says Finlay, “these guys have proved that there are high-end orders around despite the recession.”

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