Superlative pyrotechnics - with TSE AG and Electro-Voice

October 14, 2009

On the 4th and 5th of September 2009, six of the finest pyrotechnic teams in the world competed for the Pyronale Gold Cup in Berlin. Some 60,000 spectators shuffled through the Maifeld and the Olympic Stadium and marveled at the spectacular fireworks displays. TSE AG was responsible for the audio production, deploying an extensive line-up of Electro-Voice equipment including X-Line and XLD line arrays, TG power amplifiers and NetMax N8000 processors.Berlin is one of the most exciting and beautiful cities in the world. The city was especially vivid and dazzling in early September as six of the best pyrotechnic teams in the world competed for the prestigious Golden Cup at the 4th annual Pyronale. The spectators even had an influence on the outcome of the competition as they were able to cast votes via text messaging. In the end, it was the Austrian team Feuerwerke Jost that came out on top, narrowly edging Surex of Poland for first place.
“The ability to manage an amplifier that is 400 meters away from the main control position is something offered by no other system.”

As fierce as the competition between the elite pyrotechnics of the world was; the challenge facing the audio production team was almost as daunting. The area that had to be covered was simply enormous. TSE AG of Berlin, who held audio production responsibility, opted for a combination of Electro-Voice X-Line and X-Line Very Compact arrays, specifically the XLDs. The EV X-Line hangs, each comprised twelve enclosures supported by ground-stacked Xsubs, occupying the central positions. Two XLD hangs of eight enclosures each (plus Xsubs) ensured that the coverage even in the most distant areas was sufficiently powerful to do justice to the recorded music whilst at the same time maintaining a high level of intelligibility during the announcements.

The TSE AG team led by Project Manager Carsten “Caschi“ Robert spread the five line arrays, which were powered by Electro-Voice Tour Grade (TG7) amplifiers, over a distance of 400 meters. “The real difficulty here was the need to provide even, musical coverage throughout the Maifeld - which is huge - during the fireworks performances“ recalls Robert. To achieve this, over 600 meters of fibre-optic cable were required. However the secret of the giant production was its integration with NetMax N8000 processors featuring FIR-Drive and IRIS-Net. “With NetMax we were in a position not only to connect all the components of the system digitally but also to control them using WLAN-equipped laptops,“ explains Robert. “This enabled us to provide loss-free coverage over very long distances. In addition, the FIR-Filters ensured a high degree of fidelity.“ A further advantage of the solution, according to Robert, was the fact that it offered remote control of every single component of the system. “The ability to manage an amplifier that is 400 meters away from the main control position is something offered by no other system. The NetMax/IRIS-Net combination is unique in this respect.“ For a production on the scale of the Pyronale, NetMax therefore, proved to be the ideal controller. “Our concept was vindicated in every respect,“ concludes “Caschi“.

About the PyronaleThe World Fireworks Championship or “Pyronale“ ran this year from the 4th to the 5th September, 2009 in Berlin. On each of the two evenings, three separate teams competed to see which could illuminate the night sky in Berlin to the most spectacular effect. The rules stipulated for the teams to compete in two disciplines: a six-minute compulsory program - with a prescribed color scheme and musical accompaniment - and a ten-minute freestyle program. The eventual winners were chosen by a panel of experts assisted by the spectators themselves, who voted via Contact persons for press inquiries:

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