Drummer Boy Sound uses EV, Dynacord for “Show You Know“ HIV awareness concert

July 15, 2009

Miami-based Drummer Boy Sound Productions, Inc. (DBS) supplied sound reinforcement for an HIV awareness concert on June 27 called “Show You Know.“ Admittance to the concert was free for free following an on-site AIDS test by each participant. Event organizers Rize and Shine, Inc. were able to test 5,000 people before the event began.

A variety of R&B, Gospel, Hip-Hop, and Pop artists took the stage at the concert, including City of God, Dangerflow, Kane, Lavie, Hinds Feet, Stitches with special headline guest Pitbull, and Trick Daddy. The system at the benefit was a Dynacord Cobra system. DBS CEO Harold Cummings comments:

“The amps helped bring my EV monitors to life and gave them a sonic clarity I haven’t heard in the three years of owning them”

“I have been a fan of the Cobra for about four years now because it always delivers and sounds amazing. Lavie, who has a soulful Erica Bahdu style of singing, loves the crystal clear sound of the rig. She said, “As I was arriving to the park, I could hear the National Anthem being sung clearly, without seeing the stage.’ And the lead singer for City of God went crazy over the EV QRx112 and how powerful and clear they sounded. He said, “We play a lot of stages all over the country and we don’t always get good stage monitoring, but today was some of the best monitor mixing we have ever had.’“

What City of God and the other acts didn’t know is that DBS just changed the QRx monitor amp rack to all-new EV Q99 amplifiers, the real stars of the show.

“The amps helped bring my EV monitors to life and gave them a sonic clarity I haven’t heard in the three years of owning them,“ says Cummings. “Jeff Stoyer, from Florida rep firm Sales Force Rep, told me about the new line of Q Series amps and what they could do in a smaller package. We took one on a test drive and a few days later I ordered four of them. Now have another 12 Q1212 on the way. The Q Series amps have become my new amplifier standard. Once you get one in your hands, you’ll see why.“

Equipment List

10x EV QRx112 12“ monitors

4x EV Q99 amplifiers

2x EV Dx38 loudspeaker processor

2x EV SxA360 powered loudspeaker

2x Dynacord Cobra 4 FAR

4x Dynacord Cobra 4 TOP

8x Dynacord Cobra 2 TOP

14x Dynacord Cobra PWH

6x Dynacord Cobra SUB

4x Dynacord Cobra amplifier racks

8x Dynacord L2400

5x Dynacord DSP244 loudspeaker processors

Klark Teknik DN-370

Klark Teknik Square One

Midas Verona 480

Midas Siena 480

Harold Cummings, C.E.O

Drummer Boy Sound Productions, Inc.

Concert Sound, Lighting, Staging, Video, Backline, Rentals & Sales

3815 NW 125th Street

Miami, Florida 33054


Office: 305.681.3185

Fax: 305.681.3187

Toll Free: 1.877.DBS.EVENTS

Mobile: 305.525.5434


Equipment List

1250 W/CH Class-H Power Amplifier

QRx 112/75
12" Passive Loudspeaker

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