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From antenna distribution to lapel microphones, Electro-Voice has all the accessories you need to set up a wireless microphone system.

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Broadcast orientation suspension shock mount for RE20, RE27N/D, and RE320 microphones. Black. Optional item.
Stand adapter for all EV 3/4" diameter microphones (635A, RE16, RE200, N/D468). Black. Stock replacement.
Windscreen for 635A. Gray. Optional item.
Stand adapter for the RE20, RE27N/D and N/D 868. Black. Stock replacement.
Quick-disconnect "soft" stand adapter for 1" diameter microphones - including RE50 and tapered mics - N/D967, 767a, 267a, 367s, RE410 and RE510. Optional item.
Stand adapter for N/DYM and Cobalt microphones. Stock replacement.
Red foam windscreen pop filter for RE16, RE50, N/D967, 767a, 367s, 267a, RE410 and RE510. Optional item.
Replacement rubber suspension cords for 309A shock mount for RE20, RE27N/D, RE320. Optional stock replacement. Sold as each. (PN# F.01U.110.425)
The APS-1 is a passive device that splits one transmit signal into two, or combines two receive signals into one.  A combiner can be used to locate antennas in multiple rooms for increased coverage.
The BC-1000 is a cell phone style swiveling beltclip with tab and screw for the REV-WT, WTU-2, CSB-1000, WT-1000, or the REV-BP transmitter. The mounting tab also allows these transmitters to work with the PC and Boundary Satellite wireless accessory microphones.
The BH-200 recharges Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) AA batteries in REV-WT and WTU-2 bodypack transmitters. 2500 mAH batteries will last over 10 hours and recharge in 10 hours.  The BH-200 helps to reduce waste and the cost of running wireless microphones all day, everyday.
The BPA is a direct replacement for the quarter-wave flex antenna that is included with the REV-WT, WTU-2, and older CSB-1000, WT-1000, and REV-BP bodypacks.
Isolating shock mount for RE90P, PC/XLR, & PC Plus. Optional item.
Designed for PL35 (stock replacement). Also works well with N/D468.
The MAC-2 cord allows any dynamic handheld microphone be used with any EV or Telex wireless bodypack transmitter.
No-solder George L™ guitar cable for the REV-WT, WTU-2, CSB-1000, WT-1000, and REV-BP.  The MAC-G2 includes a straight-in and a right-angle quarter-inch connector so you can use whichever is best for your guitar.  
The MAC-G3 uses low noise George L guitar cord for the BPU-2 and WT-500 bodypack transmitters.  Using the MAC-G3 with the EV RE-2 exclusive guitar optimization gives you one of the most “wired-sounding” wireless rigs of all time.
Shock mounted mic clip with gooseneck for RE920Tx. Also compatible with RE92L and RE92Tx microphones. Stock replacement.
Stand clamp for Cobalt Co4 instrument microphone. Stock replacement.
The MSSA is a custom fit stand adapter for the RE-2/FMR-500, PHTU-2 and REV-PH handheld transmitters.
Featuring a specially designed instrument-mount for clipping to musical instruments, the cardioid condenser RE920 is a premium-grade solution for drums, brass, woodwinds, and stringed instruments. Terminated in a TA4F connector for use with EV and Telex bodypack transmitters, it can also be hard-wired with an optional TXA XLR preamp.
The RE92Tx is a miniature professional-quality electret condenser lavalier microphone with a cardioid pickup pattern. Designed for speech, it is an excellent choice for use in presentations, houses-of-worship, broadcast, or theater applications.
The RE97Tx is an ultra-low profile, omnidirectional, back-electret condenser, headworn microphone designed for use with standard EV and Telex belt packs. The RE97Tx is intended for spoken-word use such as houses-of-worship, corporate AV, theaters, fixed install, and other applications where a full-range, natural, well-balanced sound is required. The RE97Tx microphone is available in beige, brown, and black.
This kit for rack-mounting two receivers works with RE-2 systems as well as with FMR-500, SAFE-1000, and other older half-rack receivers. Includes all required screws and hardware.
Microphone stand adapter for all PL Series VOCAL microphones. Stock replacement.
Microphone stand adapter for PL33. Also fits RE20, RE27N/D and N/D868. Stock replacement.
Isolating shock mount stand adapter for PL37 condenser microphone. Also fits RE200. Stock replacement.
The TXA is designed to enable the use of lavalier, head-worn and other TA4F-terminated Electro-Voice professional microphones in a wired configuration. Using standard phantom power through the TXA ensures the same high-quality audio performance that you expect using Electro-Voice microphones over wireless systems.
The UAA-500 is a broadband UHF amplifier with selectable 3dB and 10dB amplification settings.  Antenna signal amplifiers are used to make up for losses in the cable run, they do not extend the operating range of the wireless microphone.
The WP-1000 is a leather pouch for CSB-1000, BPU-2, WT-500, WT-1000, and REV-BP bodypack transmitter.  A clear window in the front allows the LCD screen to show through and the snapping top strap covers and protects the on/off button.  An integrated leather covered metal beltclip on the back of the WP-1000 secures the unit to a belt, costume, or guitar strap.
Foam windscreen for PolarChoice gooseneck mics. Provides additional protection from 'p' pops and wind noise. Stock replacement.
Foam windscreen for all PL Series VOCAL microphones. Black. Optional item.
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Foam windscreen for PL33 kick drum microphone. Also fits RE20, RE27N/D, and RE320. Black. Optional item.
Foam windscreen for PL35 tom/snare drum microphone. Black. Optional item.
Foam windscreen for PL37 overhead condenser microphone. Also fits RE200. Black. Optional item.