X-Line by Electro-Voice
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X-Line is a large concert sound loudspeaker system that combines high-level sonic impact and vocal intelligibility with the uniform, predictable coverage that only a line array can deliver. The X-Line system provides wide horizontal dispersion from a single vertical line array with exceptionally coherent wave-front summation in the vertical plane. Extended low-frequency polar control produces more uniform power response, further enhancing overall intelligibility.
The two full-range boxes in the line are three-way systems that incorporate the Electro-Voice Hydra® time synchronized, high-frequency plane wave generator to provide excellent summing in the far field. They also employ Ring-Mode Decoupling (RMD™) to provide level independent fidelity, greater mid-bass clarity, and high frequency accuracy. All models in the line share the same footprint and are connected by proprietary rigging that facilitates rapid venue load-in and load-out.
  • At the heart of X-Line™ is a proprietary, high-frequency wavefront alignment and summation device - the Hydra™ - that provides planar and time-coherent signal addition.
  • The broad bandwidth vertical planar summing provides uniform sound field distribution throughout the listening area. Stereo imaging is improved by the X-Line‘s full-bandwidth, mid-bass loading.



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  • High-output line-array subwoofer system
  • Rectangular cabinet with footprint identical to other X-Line systems
  • Proprietary rigging allows for rapid venue load-in and load-out